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Collaborations with Masha Ryskin
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Statment for Dusk

We have been collaborating since 1997. Both of us work in mixed media and printmaking and deal with the ideas of history, gravity, and rituals of everyday existence. We are interested in the interaction of man-made structures with natural elements as well as the constant movement and change in nature. The notion of recycling and history is central to our installations.

“Dusk” is a landscape that deals with the idea of fragments creating an integrated whole. The installation reflects on the fragility, layering, and tactile quality of the landscape, as well as the balance of opposing forces. It is constructed entirely of paper and fabric that once had a different purpose, alluding to the concept of recycling and transformations.

As the viewers move through the space, they are given an opportunity to examine the installation up close, thus looking at a world within a world. Here, the sense of scale is altered and one can experience a very intimate space that is both comforting and dreamy. From a distance, however, it is the vastness of the landscape that is comes to mind. The longer one spends in front of the piece, the more intricacies and details will be discovered.

-Masha Ryskin

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