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My grandmother's nickname was Baba.  

Baba started sewing when she was around forty years old.  It was after World War ll when there were not enough clothes for her three children.  She continued sawing until she became 90 years old.  

As a child I watched her sewing for my family.  Threads, needles, buttons, wooden bobbins and fragments of cloth were my favorite toys.  I used to imitate her sewing with them.  Now as an artist, I use stitching with thread as a form of drawing in my collages.  

This Baba series is a combination of stitching, etching and other mediums over my 

grandmother’s hand drafted dress patterns or fabrics.  

Baba didn’t throw away anything, and she was able to reuse even a small  piece of fabric to create 

something unique and beautiful.  When she was still alive, every time I visited her in Tokyo, she gave 

me her  threads, buttons,  fabric, and dress patterns for my artwork.  

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